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Getting an Early Start on Gardening

I was planning on the beginning of March be the start of my gardening season—meaning, I would start some seeds indoors to be transplanted into my garden after a couple months.  I did start some seeds: tomatoes and several types of peppers.  I also put some lettuce seeds in a container, to hopefully get an early crop of baby greens.  I was planning on doing the first actual sowing in my garden in the beginning of April, but with 70-80 degree temperatures over the past week or so, I got an early start--in fact, I started my garden a whole month earlier than last year!  I planted some peas and carrots the other day – one small row of each in my little garden.  I will do a follow up planting in another week or so to try to stagger the harvest a bit.  

In order to make space for everything I want in my garden this year, and in order to make things easier to move around, I decided to move my strawberries.  They were in the middle of my garden space (since I expanded it last year) and were really just in the way.  I moved them to the very front of my perennial garden.  I’m not sure if it’ll look weird or not, but so far, I think I kind of like them, there.  I would LOVE to have a completely edible/ornamental perennial garden some day :)

Strawberries!  I hope they survive the transplant okay....

Today, it was simply gorgeous out.  I couldn’t help but get back into my garden and plant some more.  I ended up planting several greens today: Swiss chard, spinach and lettuce.  Looks like I’m going to be very healthy this spring!  I also planted some marigolds (from seeds I collected from last year’s flowers) in a couple of planters.  I’m planning on planting some of them in a row between the stone pathway and my vegetable garden, and also doing some in our front yard around our maple tree.

The other thing that weirded me out a little bit today was that I actually had to weed!  It’s not even April yet, and I had lots of weeds springing up in my perennial garden.  I started out by just cleaning up all of the old dead leaves and branches from last year, and ended up spending a fair amount of time pulling weeds, as well – including one huge one that I swear was part cactus.  But now that all of that junk is removed, you can really see all of the things starting to come up in the garden!  I had some bulbs poking through the ground several weeks ago, and was a little concerned; but if this weather trend continues I think we’ll just get some early flowers!  
Tulips, irises, and daffodils are all coming up strong!
Pretty much everything else is at least peeking through the ground, too.
Compare this with my garden space at this time last year so you can see just how far ahead things are this year:

How ugly and barren it seems here!  March 24, 2011.

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