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Let the Gardening Begin

Due to my “spring break” vacation at the beginning of the month, I had to delay the start of my garden by a couple weeks.  It’s probably not a bad thing, seeing as though we’ve had a very cold spring thus far.  However, today I was finally able to officially start my vegetable garden!  I had started some seeds indoors a while back, but had not been able to get out to my garden plot and dig in the dirt.  I’m really not sure what the proper care of a garden plot entails, but whatever I was supposed to do last fall, I didn’t do.  That means that today I had to go and pull up all my old plants, roots and garden stakes from last year.

The only perennial plants that I have in my vegetable garden right now are my strawberries.  I’m still wondering if perhaps those belong somewhere else?  At any rate, I took the area between the strawberries and the deck and cleaned it up a little.  I tilled up the dirt and added a few bags of composted manure and raked it out.

In this area, I ended up planting two rows of snow peas and two rows of spinach.  I also planted some salad greens in a pot.  The lettuce I grew last year did so well in the pot – I’m hoping these greens will, too.  Those are all of the cool weather crops that I have, so that’s all I was able to do tonight.  It sure felt good to get things started, though!  Also, a couple of days ago Tom came home with some fencing materials.  He will be building a 34” high fence around my garden to hopefully keep the bunnies out this year.  Wish me luck!

And, in case you were wondering, some of my seeds are doing okay in my sun room.  The tomatoes are growing strong (I got a variety pack of heirloom tomatoes and multi-colored grape tomatoes), and the marigolds seem to be doing great, too.   
Tomato seedlings
Marigold Seedlings

It’s the peppers I’m worried about.  Only a few of my seeds have sprouted.  We’ll see what happens – I may have to break down and buy some plants this year.

Look! I might get at least one pepper plant!!
Also, my perennial garden is doing well.  The daffodil and tulip bulbs I planted in the fall are all popping up, and hopefully will begin to flower soon.  I’m also seeing some new sedum stalks come up, what appears to be some hearty chives, and a few other plants.

That's all for now.  I think I have a few more seeds I can start indoors next week.  Then I will wait for my cool weather crops to sprout and wait for the weather to warm up so I can plant everything else!

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