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The Beauty of Winter & The Hope of Spring

As we approach the end of March and have officially entered the season of spring, I long for the green grass and flowers that come with warmer weather.  However, spring in Michigan often bears a striking resemblance to winter -- at least for a while.  I always wait for the seemingly obligatory winter storm that never fails to come shortly after the advent of spring.  This year, though, instead of a snow storm, we got an ice storm.  It was like a battle between winter and spring -- snow, sleet, and freezing rain shower down on us, accompanied by thunder and lightning.  The result was a dazzling display of ice covered trees and plants that sparkle in the sunlight like crystal. 

After seeing how beautiful the result of the storm was, I had a hard time being upset at the wintery weather.  Besides, signs of spring are popping up, too – quite literally.  I planted TONS of flower bulbs in the fall in my perennial garden (probably too many), and they are starting to pop up through the ground!  

 Before I know it, my garden will be filled with tulips and daffodils and gladiolus.  I can't wait!

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