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Making Progress

I suppose it’s time for a real update on our winter house project.  Last weekend, I spent almost the entire day Saturday painting.  It felt really good to make some real progress, though it was a LOT of work!  Here’s an update of what’s done and how things are coming along:

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I already had most of the lower level done, including the stairwell.  Here’s another look at the lower family room before and after:

We also finished the downstairs bedroom door.  The bathroom door still needs to be finalized.

I started off painting the window frame on Friday and finished up on Saturday.  This took a lot of time and a lot of paint (it’s a huge window), but it just looks so much brighter now!

I also painted the vast majority of the trim on our main level, including the window box in the kitchen, the front door trim, the sliding glass door trim, and all of the floor trim minus a little stretch behind the china cabinet in the dining room (still need to move that so I can paint back there!)

Notice the long pot on the bottom shelf of the window box?  Yes, that's my lettuce that I finally started (See: Getting a Head Start on Spring)!

We finished two of the doors upstairs over the weekend: the linen closet and the guest room.

You can see the progression of what we’ve been working on by looking at the untouched bathroom door; the newly hung, waiting-to-be-finished bedroom door; and the completed doors.

Here’s the transition stage of the stairwell, compared with what it used to look like.  I think I’m going to like the white! 

Now, we just need to get some new railings… I decided big chunky railings don’t really look any better white than they do as stained wood!

We’re making good progress, but there are still a few areas left to do.  I’m really happy about how everything is looking, though.  I feel like it really updates the house and makes it feel brighter and fresher.

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