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Winter House Project: Painting!

Behold the beauty of the 80s
I’ve been debating for some time now what to do about all of the 80s wood (or faux wood) in our house.  I feel like it really makes the house look dated, and much of the trim and doors are all scratched up (somebody must’ve had a yippy dog here at some point); so, besides the out-dated style, it’s just in bad shape.  I had been thinking about just painting everything white, but there’s just so much wood that I was concerned about whether or not it would look good – it’d be quite a dramatic change! 

 But then, two things happened.  First, when Tom’s parents were in town last, his mom mentioned something about painting all the trim white and how it would help brighten the place up.  I needed that – a firm opinion that yes, painting would be a positive change (thanks, mom!).  Second, this past weekend, doors were on sale.  This is important because if we painted all of the trim white, we’d need white doors, as well.  The doors we have right now are hollow and are about as cheap as they come.  I really think that painting them might even make them look worse.  That means getting all new interior doors – which are expensive!  But, with the sale we were able to get all new pine, solid doors for our whole house, minus the bedroom closets (still deciding what we want for those).  Paint was also on sale, so we lucked out there, too!  Did you know there are about 20 different shades of white, though?  I sure had a heck of a time trying to figure out which white was right!  I finally decided on “Designer White” thinking, “Well, if it’s good enough for real designers…”  Yep.  Fell for the marketing ploy.

I am now ready for cold weather and am okay with hibernating indoors because I have something to keep me busy for quite a while!  I’m starting in the guest room and will do one area at a time until eventually (hopefully) it all gets done.  Here’s a sneak preview of what it’ll look like.
 Now we just have to hope that Tom can figure out how to hang all the doors!

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