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Review: Great Eye Glasses

Shopping for glasses can be hard. And expensive. I have a very weak prescription and glasses that I mostly just use for driving.  Oh, and stargazing -- it's amazing how different the sky looks when you can see clearly! So many more stars and so much sharper! Anyways, I've also had a couple of pairs of prescription sunglasses, which are great for driving and really do make a difference on a sunny day. Unfortunately, my absolute favorite pair of Rx sunglasses were accidentally left in a restroom at a local beach -- when I realized it 15 minutes later and went back for them, someone had already taken them! Drat! That was my only pair of prescription sunglasses and my driving glasses were getting old, so I decided to try ordering some new glasses online. I had bought the others from a physical eyeglass, but even with the buy one, get one free sale, they were expensive! My first online shopping experience for glasses was so-so. The glasses were okay, a decent deal, they fit alright, but not great. The driving glasses literally fell apart after a year, and the sunglasses don't stay on my face well enough to wear for much outside of driving.

All of that to say, when I got the opportunity to review, I was thrilled. I was so ready for a new pair of driving glasses and prescription sunglasses, and ready to give the online shopping another go!

Great Eye Glasses has a wide selection of frames and something to fit every style and budget. I mean really - any budget -- with prescription glasses starting at just $5.99!! I'm not one who cares much about name brands, but if you're looking for a known brand with great style, they also carry Ray-Ban frames at what looks to be a great deal, too. For me, one of the best things about the site was that they actually carry a good selection of XS frames. What with my child-sized head and all, it can be difficult to find glasses that fit properly. Great Eye Glasses makes it simple by grouping all frames into a size group from XS to L so you can easily narrow down your search. Of course, they still provide all of the exact sizing specs for each frame, too.

Picking out your glasses is simple: just select the frame you like, choose a color and add whatever lens options you want. The prescription lenses are included in the price, and you can add additional options and upgrades from there -- sunglass tints, anti-glare, polarization, anti-fog, scratch-resistant coatings -- you name it.

To make online shopping easier, they also have a great digital-tryon system to get an idea of what you will look like in those frames. You have the option to upload your own photo and/or select a man or woman with a similar face shape to you. You can adjust the position so the frames are in the right spot -- the photo I used was a little crooked, but you can still get the idea!

Here are the sunglasses that I decided to try -- only I got them in the pink & black (and the photo just shows the frames, not the lens):

While I was at it, I also decided I'd try out a new pair of driving glasses since mine are now 9 years old and a little beat up! Here are the frames I decided on for driving glasses:

And here's what I received -- in really just a matter of days from when I ordered them:

Glasses came boxed within another envelope style box.

Sunglasses that fit my face - finally! 
The sunglasses came just as described. I can see great and I got them with polarization, so I can see even better in the sun. Bonus: they actually fit my face (slightly snug, actually) and I would feel confident wearing these during physical activity, not afraid that they would slide off. Confession: they are children's frames. Ah, well. You gotta do what you gotta do.

And here are the driving glasses that I ordered! These were a STEAL! Right around $20 out the door, including anti-glare prescription lenses. I have yet to test the anti-glare during a dark rainy night, and I hope I don't get the chance to test that out anytime soon :)  But, from what I can tell, these seem to be great glasses and fit me perfectly (also: not children's frames...I don't think...yay!).

Ready to drive!
 Tom told me I look like a librarian with these glasses. I'm still not quite sure whether that's a good thing or not...but I like them! And, check out this bonus photo testing out my new glasses tonight while passenger -- in the backseat of my friend's car, along with my husband and dog (who appears to be sticking out his tongue for my husband to hold?).

Random family photo showing off my new glasses! not only provides a stylish pair of glasses, but did it amazingly fast and at an unbelievable price.  It’s also wonderful to be supporting an American Company that produces the glasses right here in the United States.  For a limited time is offering my readers an additional 10% off of anything on the site.  Just use promotional code GREAT4YOU10 and buy with confidence as they also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are looking for a new pair of glasses and want a convenient way to buy, without overpaying, I definitely recommend checking out Great Eye Glasses! You can find them online at: or on Twitter and Facebook.  And don't forget to take advantage of that 10% OFF promo code!

*Disclaimer: I received a free pair of glasses from in exchange for a review with my honest opinion.

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