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My Own Personal Tagline

I must start this post out with some background information. First and foremost, you must know that I have an unusually small head. Yes, it’s true. Even the doctors were concerned when I was an infant. My mom promised them that I was smart and was developing well, but that didn’t mean much coming from her. Nevertheless, they soon realized that I was fine—I just had a small head. Things haven’t changed much since then. Now, as an adult, I have retained a child-sized head. Not that the rest of me is very big – I still look like (and often get mistaken for) a teenager – so you may not notice my small head size at first. I’m not sure I fully realized this until I was trying on motorcycle helmets when I was in college, trying to find one that fit. An adult small was too big, so we went down to the children’s sizes. I got a child’s size SMALL helmet to fit my head. Okay, it was a little tight, and a child’s medium may have fit a little better. But, still. That’s when I learned: I have a head the size of an 8 year old. No wonder hats have never fit me properly.

Suffice it to say, Tom, my husband, finds this fact somewhat hilarious. He often makes fun of the diminutive size of my head and wonders how I can be so smart when my head is so small. Small head references make their way into many-a conversation. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s annoying. Okay – it’s usually funny. And the other day was no exception. Tom inadvertently created a slogan for me. I’m not sure where it came from or what spurred it – I must have had some brilliant thought, because he came up with the following, which I have adopted as my own personal tagline: Small head. Big ideas.

I also decided that this tagline would be best combined with a cartoon drawing. So, here’s what I was able to come up with:

Any other small-heads out there? I’m thinking I should start making some t-shirts or something… ;)

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