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Kung Pao Chicken

I have been trying to get this recipe right for some time now.  Kung Pao Chicken is my favorite dish to order at a Chinese restaurant, and I still dream of the amazing Kung Pao at the restaurant we used to frequent in my home town.  Without a decent Chinese restaurant in our area now, I’ve been attempting some recipes at home.  But, somehow, Chinese food never turns out with quite the right flavor when I try to make it.  I’m afraid that I’m about as close as I’ll ever be with this recipe…and, of course, I didn’t measure out the ingredients as I added them.  Nevertheless, here’s a rough recipe for my latest attempt at Kung Pao Chicken.

- Boneless, skinless chicken breast, cubed
- Roasted peanuts
- Green bell pepper, chopped
- White or yellow onion, diced
- Green onion, chopped
- Vegetable oil
- Soy sauce
- Sesame seed oil
- Crushed red pepper flakes (add to desired spiciness)
- Ground black pepper
- Garlic
- Chinese five spice powder (just the tiniest pinch…that stuff is potent!)

Heat vegetable oil in skillet.  Add chicken and peanuts and cook over medium-high heat.  While chicken is cooking, add a few dashes of soy sauce, a drizzle of sesame seed oil and spices.  Once chicken begins to brown, add a bit more oil along with bell pepper and onions.  Cook until vegetables are just tender.  Serve with a side of white or fried rice.

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