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Product Review: Yum Yum Healthy Bars & Snacks Variety Pack

I am a big fan of snacks. Especially salty ones. Especially salty ones that I can claim as somewhat healthy. So I was very excited at the opportunity to review this Yum Yum Healthy Snacks Box.

It arrived in a white box with a cute logo on the top:

Inside, the box was filled with a great variety of health snacks, mostly breakfast-y. The majority were some sort of granola bar type product, but there typically weren't more than a couple of any given flavor. There were also some fig bars and breakfast bites that I've never tried before and some of my already-favorites -- the Breakfast Biscuits and the Planters Nuts.

This Snack Box retails for $39.95 on Amazon and contains 35 individual snacks. I haven't priced it out to determine the value versus buying all of these from the grocery store, but the best part is the variety. To purchase that many different items from the store would be expensive and you'd have a lot of boxes in your pantry! The alternative is a giant box of one thing from Costco, but then you're stuck eating the same thing everyday. Variety is the spice of life, they say, and this box has it!

I'm planning on using most of these for Tom's lunches, to give him a snack for the workday. I think it would make a great gift, though, and the box is cute enough on its own.  It would be super fun as a gift for a college student (heck, I'm 31 and I'd think it's a great gift!) and would add some fun variety to kids' lunches, too.

Lots to choose from!

I'm looking forward to eating some of these myself, too! It'll provide some good options for on-the-go snacking. Overall, this is a very fun box filled with lots of tasty treats -- that really aren't bad for you, either! Bonus!

I love snacks!! Yum yum!

**Note: I received this product for free in exchange for a review with my honest opinion.

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