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Happy Birthday Happy

I thought focusing on this verse this week would be appropriate since we are celebrating our dog Happy's third birthday. I think it's interesting how one's attitude and actions toward animals is indicative of his actions towards people -- but this proverb turns it around from the way I usually think of it. You often hear of young boys who torture animals who grow up to be violent or abusive men. The cruelty they show to animals even from a young age extends into their attitudes and actions toward people later in life. But the reverse can be seen, too. Think of someone you know who has a soft heart toward animals -- my mom and grandma have always shown extreme kindness toward animals of all types (think: ordering extra food at McDonald's to feed the sea gulls that live in a nearby parking lot; or stopping on the side of a busy road to try to capture a wounded groundhog so you can take him to the vet). And this kindness to animals also reveals their hearts towards people.  It's often in the details of one's life that we can get the bigger picture of who that person really is. And I think it's a good reminder for me to pay attention to how I handle the small and mundane things of life -- because that will likely be how I handle the big and pivotal moments, as well.

Our little family.
It's been a lot of fun being a dog owner again. Tom and I had been married 7 years before we adopted our dog from the shelter. It has been such a joy to have an animal in our home and to watch how Tom interacts with him and cares for him -- and I think it truly has shown me greater depths of Tom's heart -- his passion and compassion. So in honor of Happy's birthday and of my proverb for the week, you can all enjoy the collection of dog photos below from the past two years!

Happy Gilmore - Almost 3 Years Old

Happy loves walks to the lake -- or anywhere, really
Happy being silly with his best human bud, our nephew Trey.
My dog is cooler than your dog ;)

Happy gets lots of love from his Dinh

You know, they say that over time dogs and owners start to look alike.  Well, it frightens me a bit that Tom and Happy looked this much alike within the first year.

Silly, yet frightening! And eerily similar faces.

I try to be like Happy, but I'm not sure I have the look down yet...

Yawns are contagious.

Happy and I contemplating life's big questions

Happy looking wistfully out the window wishing he could have a friend over to play.

Last year for Happy's birthday we took him to The Corner Bar in Rockford where they have a hot dog to-go window. We found out on our first camping trip with him how much he LOVES hot dogs, so we thought it would be a great birthday treat. Except, I'm pretty sure he swallowed the whole thing without really even chewing it. This year, we may spread the joy a little longer and break it up into pieces for him!

Happy's 2nd Birthday - Hot Dog treat!

This was a birthday photo for our nephew, Gary! Happy is great at birthday photos. Next up, his own!

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