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Brew Blog: HopCat

The next stop on our brew tour was HopCat.  I think I had actually only been to HopCat once before, and it had been a very long time. I think Tom's been a number of times, but we hadn't been there since we began our "Brew Tour". We had said months ago that we needed to set a date to go there with a friend of ours and his family, and we finally made it there a few weeks ago. One of the lures of HopCat (besides the beer) is their famous "crack fries" -- which I don't think I had had before. Our friends had already ordered some by the time we got there -- and, YUM! They are quite tasty.  I got some more as a side with my burger, too.  Good food.  Anyways, on to the beer.

I ordered the Oil Rigger '14 -- a Russian Imperial Stout. They had a choice between this year's or last year's batch, though I don't remember what the difference was. It was actually quite a delicious choice. I'd probably give it at least 4 stars. Unfortunately, I didn't write down notes, so I don't have a good flavor descriptor to give. Plus, it was a few weeks ago...and my memory is just not that good.
Tom had the Cucurbita Nigra, which he rated a 3.5 and the PT Brown, which he gave 4 stars. I also didn't get any notes from Tom on these, so there's not much more information I can give. It was kind of a fail on the beer-review this time. However, I can tell you that HopCat was a great location: good atmosphere, good beer choices (their own and many others), great food with lots of variety to choose from, etc. It's definitely a place to go back to. And, it was definitely a win in that we had a great time with some awesome people. 

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