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Brew Blog: Grand Rapids Brewing Company

After an unexcusably long hiatus, it's time to get back to the Brew Blog!  We took some time off of our brewery tour as the weather got nice last year, but we've knocked off several new places this winter that I have not gotten around to posting yet. First places first, we'll start with the Grand Rapids Brewing Company. Several weeks ago we caught an improv comedy show in downtown GR with a couple of friends. Afterwards, since it was right around the corner (or far too many blocks in the blustery Arctic tundra that has been West Michigan this winter), we decided to hit up Grand Rapids Brewing Company. None of us had been there before (unless you count the one time I went when it was the previous owners in the old location...not the same thing at all). GRBC is the Michigan's first Certified Organic Brewery, which alone makes it pretty unique. However, you will notice that the prices reflect the high-quality, organic ingredients.

They had quite a bit to choose from and Tom and our friend Matt (aka Night Danger) both got the sampler flight. Those samplers are really an awesome way to be able to try a wide variety of beers from a particular brewery. This one came with a set assortment rather than choosing your own, but it seemed to be a good one. Tom rated most of these a little above average at 3.5 stars, and gave the highest rating (4 stars) to the Red Ramona (which I don't think was actually included in the sampler).

I ended up actually ordering a beer *gasp*. I have been ordering my own been on occasion now, so perhaps Tom is rubbing off on me. It typically has to be a porter or a stout, though -- preferably aged in bourbon barrels. What can I say? I have expensive taste in beer. Anyways, I ordered the Senator Lyon Stout, which was pretty good and had the complexity of flavor that I'm always looking for. I think I tried a couple from Tom's flight, too.  Overall, I think they've got something for everyone there. They have food, too, but not a ton and it's all a little...different. What you'd expect from a local, organic, place I suppose. We ended up getting the fried pickles and the beer cheese with pretzel rolls (?? I think ??). The fried pickles were really good, but they didn't give you very many. The cheese was good...but it had horseradish in it, which I wasn't expecting.

Overall, there was a good atmosphere and good beer/food.  I think it's a place that we'd go back to on occasion.  Thanks to Matt & Ashley for joining us!

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