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Brew Blog: Thom Bomb Brewery

Okay, so this isn't actually a stop on our brew tour, but it's something I have to share.  Last year, Tom attempted to brew his own beer for the first time.  He enjoyed the process and actually ended up making three different batches.  I think the first batch may be all gone now, but he still has some left from batch #2 and batch #3.  He recently gave a name to batch #2, stemming from the fact that it sat around in our basement for over a year -- after getting one bad bottle from that batch, Tom wasn't sure he really wanted to drink the rest of it.  And, thus it earned the name "Basement Creeper."  He now claims that only some of the bottles were affected and the beer is good for drinking!

I liked the name so much that I decided it needed it's own label design.  So, I made one:

Be careful going down those stairs!
The Basement Creeper is a Belgian Strong Ale, which I should probably add to the label, but I was just having fun with the design!

I couldn't stop there, of course.  Tom had said a while back that his beers were "Thom Bomb" brews, so I decided he also needed a logo for his home "brewery":

And, yes, that's a hop turned into a bomb

Finally, I made a design for his batch #3 beer -- a wheat beer, which he named "Barley Popp"

We were giving a few bottles to a friend, so I decided to print off some paper labels and tape them on for some added fun!

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