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Painting Pumpkins

It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of year again – time for the beauty of the autumn leaves, the crisp air, cider mills, and of course: pumpkins.  I had some of my own pumpkins grow in my garden this year.  Unfortunately, they came July thru September – a little early for my fall decorating!  But never fear, ever since I discovered this pumpkin patch down the road from us, I’ve decided that I will be getting pumpkins and gourds from there every year!  Their selection is so vast that I always seem to find there a new type of squash that I never knew existed!

This year, I ended up with a lot of the same types as last year, because I really liked what I got.  I also decided to do some pumpkin painting with a friend again this year – it’s fun, the pumpkins always turn out cute and they last a lot longer than if you carve them.  Mind you, I do have a couple of larger pumpkins set aside as my carving pumpkins, but that will have to take place closer to Halloween.  Here's what I've ended up with so far:

Of course, I had to do my swan gourd vase -- this time
I actually had marigolds from my garden to place in it.
Unfortunately, it started rotting after only a week!

Here's all of the ones that I painted this year.

These little white guys make the cutest ghosts!

Pretty patterns!  I tried some new things this year...these were very fun!'s a few more things I got for my cornucopia.  I love the orange
and green striped pumpkin!

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