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Fall Decorating

If you haven’t heard me say it before: Fall is my favorite season.  Particularly in Michigan.  I always feel the need to bring a little bit of autumn indoors with me, though.  I never feel the need to decorate for spring or summer, but I always feel the need for fall decorations and Christmas decorations.  This year, I got inspired from a friend to try painting pumpkins.  I normally have a good selection of pumpkins and gourds around my house, plus a cornucopia.  Typically, I will save a couple pumpkins to carve just before Halloween and turn some pumpkins and gourds into decorations like vases and candle holders.  Here are some fun examples of previous jack ‘o lanterns and decorations:
Who you gonna call??

Pumpkin-potted Mums!

Miniature pumpkin candle holders

My cannibalistic jack 'o lantern

My pretty white pumpkin!

My first swan gourd vase, with a gladiolus branch from the garden!


Pumpkin a pumpkin!
This year, however, I am going the painting route.  There is an AWESOME pumpkin patch near our house that has the largest selection of squash and gourds that I have ever seen.  To make things better, their prices are unbeatable.  I went crazy this year and stocked up on all sorts of weird things.  My painting and pumpkin decorating was varied and used not only paint, but also glitter and sequins.  Here are the various squash and gourds that will be adorning my house this month:

This year's swan gourd vase...with slightly wilted mums 
Look at all the variety!  Yep, I had fun!

These are my more Halloween-y pumpkins

My glitter girl pumpkin 
decorative patterned pumpkin

And this guy will be welcoming all of our Trick or Treaters this  year!
Some crazy weird pear/bowling pin shaped gourd...

Pretty, painted, patterned pumpkins

Craft time just wouldn't be craft time without sequins....

And the extras are all going into my giant vase for decoration!

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