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Prompt: Today – write about whatever you want. Reflect on the season (draw a hand turkey, scan it in, and write 5 things you’re thankful for), give updates on what you’ve been working on this month, write about what your plans for December are, look ahead to 2012, or write about a topic that has been on your mind.

Well, I technically missed "today's" post, as it is now tomorrow.  We had an interesting day yesterday, getting up around 5am at my brother's house, headed to the airport and boarded a plane bound for Fort Myers, Florida.  Once we arrived, we picked up a rental car and headed south to Marco Island!  Here we will spend a week (including Thanksgiving) with my husband's family -- his parents, plus his sister and her family.  And as it is now officially Thanksgiving, I will express gratitude in a couple different lists.

Things I'm thankful for right here, right now:
1. The opportunity to escape the cold and spend Thanksgiving under the warm Florida sun
2. Spending time with family, especially my young niece and nephew
3. The view of the ocean, vast and blue, calm and inviting
4. Some time to kick back and relax with no agenda
5. The chance to see friends down here that we do not often get to spend time with

Things I'm thankful for in general:
1. The best family anyone could ask for (my own family & in-laws) - loving, supporting, and FUN to be with and talk to!
2. The many worldly blessings and comforts we've been given: good jobs, a nice home, plenty of food, and warmth this winter!
3. The hidden blessings that have come with RA - most namely the #rheum community that is so encouraging
4. God's love, grace, faithfulness, and compassion - which is new every morning! 
5. A great community of friends that we can share life with

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