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Prompt: Be present. Describe something peaceful with as much sensory imagery as you can. What are the sights, sounds, scents, and feelings?

When I think of a peaceful setting, I think of something out in nature.  And my most recent nature-intensive trip was to Isle Royale National Park this summer.  I am reminded of one afternoon toward the end of our trip.  We had just walked a few miles from the campground at Daisy Farm to the campground at Three Mile.  The next day would be our last as we made the trek back to Rock Harbor, boarded the ferry, and traveled back to the mainland.  We had already broken off from two people in our group, leaving just four of us.  We claimed a shelter at Three Mile, which consisted of three wooden walls, one screen wall with a screen door, a wooden floor and a roof.  There was plenty of room for us to drop our backpacks and set up our sleeping bags.  We even moved the nearby picnic table inside.

It was a bit chilly that day, especially once we had stopped hiking, but I wanted to spend some time just thinking and reflecting.  Our shelter faced Lake Superior and had a nice out cropping of rock that sloped toward the water.  We had nothing on the agenda for the rest of the day - no day hikes - nowhere else we had to get to.  Everyone else had wandered off to do their own thing; so, I stopped and sat down here for a while, over looking the lake and thinking about the beauty that we were experiencing.  The lake was calm, but freezing.  The sky was gray and the air was fresh and crisp, with a bit of a bite to it.  It wasn't the prettiest day on the island, but it was peaceful.  There was nobody around making noise.  The only sounds were the gently lapping water against the shore and the few animals that made their homes nearby.  The loons would often wail and yodel or splash through the water.  A nearby squirrel was busy scurrying here and there.  The rest was calm and quiet.  Pine trees scattered the area, with just a bit of vegetation peeking out between the cracked rock that was the ground.  It was a simplistic landscape, with many more coniferous trees lining the small island across the way.

There was a feeling of isolation, knowing you were on an island miles away from Canada or the United States, in the deep, dark waters of Gitche Gumee.  But the stillness and the quiet brought serenity, and isolation faded to a tranquil solitude as I silently pondered the greatness of our God and all of his creation.  I thought about the the trip of a lifetime becoming a reality and realized with a deep sense of gratitude that I had been able to overcome my health issues -- at least for a week -- as I hiked through the wonders of the island.  The distinctiveness of the rocky ground and shoreline made a deep impression on me, and I recall the petrous paths we traveled with fondness.  As I sat and reflected on all that had happened and all that was around me, I simply smiled at the joy that day brought.

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