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Halloween Costume Planning

It’s that time of year again: time to start planning for our annual Halloween costume party!  It’s hard to believe, but this will be the 8th annual Halloween Party that Tom and I have hosted.  The first year, 2004, barely counts, but we put on a last-minute costume party at the guys’ college apartment for essentially us and the neighbors.  Since then, it has changed venues 4 times, as we’ve moved and/or not had space for all the people!  I think we are set in our tradition now, however: there will be a costume party at our house each year on “Halloween Saturday” – the Saturday before (or on) Halloween.  It’s usually just a laid back evening of eating, playing games and catching up with friends—in goofy costumes of course.  We have tried our best to make costumes mandatory, but not wanting to leave out our few stubborn friends who refuse to dress up (party poopers!), we came up with the following rule: If you come without a costume, you must bring a pie to share.  That way, it’s a win/win!  Unless, of course, you’re like me…and don’t really care for pie.  But, that’s beside the point.

With the party only a month away, I decided last week that I had better figure out my costume and start putting things together.  I have had some pretty creative costumes the past few years, which, unfortunately, means that I have set the standard high and people might be disappointed if I dress up in something sub-par.  So, I though through a few options to try to come up with something unique, fun, and hopefully not too hard to move around in—I’ve had a history of coming up with very restricting costumes.  Ultimately, here’s what I came up with.  This year, for Halloween, I will dress up as what I am calling the “Hamburglar-ess”.  Do you remember the Hamburglar from McDonald’s?  Remember the old school commercials?  The Hamburglar would sneak up, mumble “Rubble Rubble” and attempt to run off with Ronald's hamburgers!  

I already had a jailbird costume/dress and a large hamburger, so I decided that I could be the female version of the Hamburglar.  All I needed to do was get a hat, bandit mask, tie and cape!  I spent the weekend putting this together (and made my own cape!), and all I have left now is to add the hamburgers to my tie.

I will not be posting pictures of this year’s costume until after the event, so as not to spoil too much fun.  However, I will post some fun pictures of my costumes over the past few years.  If you’re looking for some ideas, let this be some inspiration to you:

2005 - 80s Prom Queen - with a lovely old bridemaid's dress from Salvation Army!
I am pretty sure somebody hand sewed that puppy out of old curtains!

2006 - Zelda & Link

2007 - I was the answer to the game Clue: Miss Scarlet, in the Library, with the candlestick.
It just so happens that the Grim Reaper was around, too!

2008 - this was possibly my most hilarious costume. I was a pinata & Tom was the birthday boy.
He would "hit" me with the stick, and I would throw candy!  Only problem: very flammable.
Stay away from candles in that sucker!

2009 - Princess Lolly...from Candyland...remember??

2010: Dead Bride - looking slightly more pale than usual!

And, last but not least, I must tell you that we also sometimes dress up The Cheat.  Below you will see him in his Phantom of the Opera costume.  However, my favorite costume we ever had for the Cheat was the first year.  He was Istanbul.  Of course! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to stop everything and go watch this right now. Do it.)
2005: The Cheat as the Phantom of the Opera

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