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House Project Update!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on our Winter House Project (replacing all of our interior doors and painting all of our trim white).  It’s not exactly done, but it’s close.  We have a few touch ups left to do, the pantry door in the kitchen and the closet doors in our two upstairs bedrooms.  We had held off on purchasing the closet doors until we decided what we wanted to do.  Each bedroom has two sets of double closets – so that’s a total of 8 doors just for the closets!  We decided to go with a French-style door rather than the bi-fold doors that are there now.  We’ll wait for them to go on sale, and then rather than hand-painting them like I did on the rest of the doors, we’ll find a warm day, take everything outside and use a paint sprayer.  It should make things go much faster!  The other thing we have left to do is the ceiling beams.  Our main floor has a cathedral ceiling with a beam down the center and our family room has several beams along the ceiling.  At first, we weren’t sure if we wanted to paint these or not, but now that everything else is done, I think they would look better white.  I also have a couple paint colors picked out for our bedrooms.  At some point, I will get to that!

That said, we have gotten a lot accomplished!  We had one bedroom and our two bathrooms that already had white trim.  Everything else, we painted.  We also replaced 7 interior doors, replaced the stairway railings and the balcony railing.  The doors were by far the worst part.  There’s a lot of trim, but that’s pretty quick and easy to paint.  If you’re thinking about replacing doors in your house, though, be warned!  It’s a fairly involved project.  Fortunately, Tom did all the hard work – all I did was paint!

And now…for the part you’ve been waiting for…pictures!  Let’s start with a few before pictures so you can really get an idea how much 80s wood trim was in this house.

Look at those railings! Yuck!

Looking upstairs from the family room

Empty, boring living room

Master bedroom - yes, that's an indoor balcony you see there!

Well, on the plus side, there's a lot of closet space!

Dining Room - fortunately, that light fixture is now gone, too!

 And here’s what the house looks like today:

Dining room - we also painted one wall green last year

Front entrance

Living room w/ new paint, curtains, pillows and TV!

Guest bedroom also got new bedding -  looks much brighter & more inviting!

Master Bedroom - I want to paint the walls a light muted gold color at some point.

Family Room! Notice the old doors, etc. through the doorway into the sun room!

Looking upstairs from the Family Room - we also added a credenza.

Family room w/ doorways to bed/bath (yes, that's a signed Zetterberg jersey on the wall!)

Yay! New railings!  Good-bye 80s!  Hello, bright, cheery house!

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