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An Attempt at Interior Design

Our winter house project (painting all of our trim white) is coming along….slowly.  I got part of our downstairs family room done – just need to finish up the doorways and the ceiling.  With the new paint and the new credenza we recently purchased, the room is actually starting to look like a nice, sophisticated space. 

New credenza - the room is starting to come together!
Previously, it was more like college student’s movie room.  So, in my attempt to continue the trend and bring this room completely out of its former state, I decided we needed some wall art.  There is a ledge on the back wall, behind the couch, which I plan to just put a few picture frames and decorative items. 

Yeah, the track lighting should probably go, too.
However, the wall above that really needs something, I think.  I’d like to do a large picture, but I don’t really want to spend money on a painting.  So, I thought I’d look through my own photography and see what I could find.  I figure I can print something out at the maximum size our printer will allow (13” x 19”), have it matted and framed, and end up with a decent sized art piece.

I decided on reds and brows as a color theme for the room – going off the dark brown credenza, milk chocolate brown couch, and red throw pillows (oh, and the framed Zetterberg Red Wing’s jersey).  Going through my pictures, I didn’t see a whole lot.  I also didn’t think I’d like the look of a photograph on the wall, so I decided to try my hand at some Photoshop art.  I played around with a few different pictures to get them the right color scheme, and to stylize them to look more like a painting or an art piece than just a picture.  Here’s the one I liked best – let me know what you think:

First - the original photograph: a tree at my dad's house

And now, the final outcome. Behold, the wonders of Photoshop!

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