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Journaling About Hope

I recently came across this old journal entry of mine all about hope, and thought I would share:

In the Lord, I have found a hope, a hope that is unlike anything I have ever known before.  It is deeper than a hope put in things of this world.  Deeper, and not dependant upon situation and circumstance.  Because what control do we have over that, anyway?  None. Whatsoever.  But the changes in my life come from God, and He is always looking out for me.  With the faith and assurance that God is in control, that God is good, and hence, will lead me to good things, this hope has overcome me.  I feel at peace, for once, about the things in my life, specifically the things in my life which I really feel I have no control over.  I think I have discovered the thing that I see in other people and envy so much. It is hope.  It is not losing hope, and trusting fully in God, so that this hope may be complete and not partial.  That hope is what carries us through. And, it is as a result of this hope, that we experience joy.  Joy in a unique way that is unmatched from any other source than God above. Joy founded in hope, and hope rooted in love, is what gives us strength (Nehemiah 8:10), strength to be content in all situations (Philippians 4:11).  I have contemplated for several years the meaning and application of 1 Peter 1:15, “always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have.”  And, I have found a good reason for hope, a good reason for hope that is in the Lord.  Because He is my fortress, my sure foundation, the only thing that I can truly count on and that will never let me down.  He is Love, and has shown his love to be true, and proven himself throughout the ages.  My only hope for life is found in Him, in His redemption plan, through Christ.  And I can be certain that Christ will come again, and gather those who have trusted their lives into His hands.  And so I place my hope in Him, the only thing I know for sure, the Surpreme being, Creator, Ruler, of all that was, and is and is to come—the only One worthy.  And this hope does not disappoint us (Romans 5:5).  So, through this hope, peace and joy abound, and my outlook on life changes.  I see things in a new perspective, with hope, knowing the things of this world are not the things that matter, and when things don’t seem to go right, it’s okay, because God is still in control.  (August, 2003)

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