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Product Review: CC Boards 3-Piece Nonslip Cutting Board Set with Paddle

*Note: I was provided with this product for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review with my own personal opinions.

This 3-piece nonslip cutting board set from CC Boards is exactly what I have been wanting.  I already have a nice, large wooden cutting board that Tom got me a couple of years ago -- but I no longer had any of the small, easy to grab cutting boards.  I often found myself wishing I had one of my old plastic cutting boards back, especially for times when I'm just chopping up a little bit of onion or garlic.  These boards were just what I was looking for.

There are a few things that I really like about these cutting boards.

Firstly, the set includes three different sizes, with the largest board being 13.75" x 9" -- not huge, but
Small paddle cutting board. Perfect for mincing garlic!
big enough for most of my cutting and chopping tasks. And the smaller ones are perfect for just quickly chopping one or two ingredients.

Second, I was so excited that these had nonslip edges -- I hate when my cutting board slides around as I'm trying to chop something. Not to mention, that can be dangerous. The large and medium cutting boards held very still. I don't think there's enough of the silicone edge on the small paddle to prevent it from sliding, but that's probably not necessary anyways.

Thirdly, they are dishwasher safe! I cannot put my wooden cutting board in the dishwasher, and it is so convenient to just grab one of these CC Boards and be able to toss in in the dishwasher when done.

The boards seemed a little on the thin side versus ones I've used in the past, but I'm not sure there's any problem with that. They are lighter weight, which makes my wrists happy.

I cut up spinach tonight for some stuffed manicotti shells (that Tom's going to make -- his new specialty! Yum!!) -- and I was surprised how well and easily the cutting board cleaned up with the green spinach juice and all.  I was surprised to find out that they are actually stain resistant and I'm curious how they will hold up over time.  One of my pet peeves with previous cutting boards has been staining. It makes them look dirty even when clean. I will definitely be keeping all of these close at hand in the kitchen and will be giving my wooden cutting board a bit of a break!  This set of CC Boards is available for purchase on Amazon -- click here for details. It would make a great Christmas gift or housewarming or wedding present.

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