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Brew Blog: Perrin Brewing Company

Friday night we went to Perrin Brewing Company with a couple friends of ours.  We had actually been there before, but it was before we officially started the Brew Tour, so, of course, we had to go again!  This place is huge and has also been completely packed both times we went.  Fortunately, our friends snagged a table for us before we got there.  

Click the image to make it larger - some of these beer
descriptions are worth reading!
Perrin gets high ratings all around.  Besides the fact that it's super noisy in there, everything has been great both times we went.  They have a good selection of great beers and have a delicious food menu to boot.  Tom said I wimped out because I got the same meal as last time: Perrin Cheese Steak Sandwich.  But it was SO good!  This time I opted to get a side of fries and beer cheese with it: also delicious.  Yum.  Anyways.  Beer.

Yes, they have a good beer menu.  And when I say good, I mean not only the beers but the menu itself.  They have excellent descriptions of each beer, many of which are quite entertaining.  Be sure to read the text on the Strong Pale.

Tom and Nick were our beer reviewers for the night.  They both got sampler flights, with some of the same beers.  I recorded all of the ones that Tom got and comments from both.

Schwarzbier: Tom's comment was that this beer had a lot of flavor for not having very many IBUs

Nub Brown Ale: I thought this one had a very apt description on the menu.  It has a smooth taste and there's something about it that really does remind you of a campfire.

Rouge Rye: According to Nick, this beer didn't actually have any Rye taste to it. It was very mild-flavored.

Strong Pale: Be sure to click on the menu image above to read the description on this one.  I'm not quite sure I agree, but I think Nick might.  He said that this beer was "phenomenal" (along with the double IPA) and also liked the smell.

Raspberry Blonde: If I have a favorite beer, this is it.  I can drink this.  It has a very good raspberry flavor to it.  Jamie (also not a big beer drinker) was skeptical, thinking it would be too sweet, but she didn't think it was bad, either.  If you like fruity beer, you'll like this.

Vanilla Stout: This one and the Imperial Stout were very similar and hard to tell apart.  The Vanilla Stout had a more balanced flavor and had a good mouthfeel.

Imperial Stout: This stout had a bolder taste than the Vanilla, and you can really pick up on the molasses notes.

Overall, there's a great selection of good beers at Perrin, and I'd say there's a little something for everyone.  Nick said he really enjoyed himself, and I am sure that Tom and I will be back.  

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