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Ekphrasis Post - Lightning Over Water

Prompt: Ekphrasis post. Ekphrasis (writing about another art form) – Find a Flickr Image in Creative Commons that inspires you in some way (positively or negatively) and free write about it. Give yourself exactly 15 minutes to write without stopping. Don’t think!

I chose this picture from for a few reasons.  Firstly, lightning is one of those things that have always fascinated me, yet it scares me at the same time.  The power in each strike is incredible.  The streaking lightning makes for an excellent light show, though I prefer if it is a little ways off in the distance.  I particularly liked this picture, however, because it shows the lightning over water.  As you can tell by the name of my blog, I do hold a particular fondness for coastlines to begin with.  And the sea captivates me with its rolling waves and cerulean hues.  But, there’s a little more to it than that.

One of my favorite things to do at night along the shores of Lake Michigan (besides star gazing, of course) is to watch a thunderstorm roll in from across the lake -- from Wisconsin.  It’s pretty rare that you get a good storm far enough off in the distance that you can watch it without yourself getting caught in the storm, but I’ve done so on a few occasions.

One time was during my first camping trip to Manistee.  The storm started I think around midnight and it just seemed like it would never make it across the lake.  We watched it for hours as streak after awesome streak came down over the water.  Because you have such a vast expanse of sky and water before you, you’re really able to get a great view of the storm.  It’s better than fireworks if you’re lucky.  I keep hoping for another storm like that one, but so far I’ve found none that rival it. 

The power and beauty and uncontrollable nature of a storm just make me stand in awe – not just of the storm, but of the Creator God who holds all things in his power.  To know that something so wild and so seemingly chaotic is really under the control of God gives me comfort in knowing that the other areas of my life that seem so out of control are also under God’s sovereignty.  This is a crazy world that we live in, but we can find beauty even in the chaos and peace even in turmoil.

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