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RA Humor: For When You Need a Good Laugh

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes I really believe it.  That's why I've started this collection of jokes and humor relating to rheumatoid arthritis.  If you have anything you'd like to add, send it my way via blog comment or Twitter.  Enjoy!

**Note: Since I’m mostly involved in the RA community on Twitter, you may see “#rheum” mentioned several times here.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s a hash tag phrase used in Twitter to identify topics of conversation.  #rheum was created by RA Warrior, and is used to denote topics relating to rheumatology.

Puns (twisting words and phrases to make a play on words)
Rumors relating to RA = “rheumors” –RA Warrior

I was thinking about this one the other day…for those of you who are fans of the movie Office Space: I was thinking that all of my joints with active RA symptoms could be considered “pieces of flare” – and perhaps the “flare” is just my RA (or my immune system) expressing itself.

I always say RA is like a civil war going on inside my body, and I realized the other day that a body divided against itself cannot stand. Literally.
(and a side note from unguidedmissile: my joints are rebelling and trying to secede from the union that is my body!)

RA and Marriage: where it truly becomes a joint effort! -- eneevs

You might have #rheum if… (twist on Redneck Jokes – RA Guy also has a great list going of “You Know You have RA When…” submissions)

You might have #rheum know first hand what it's like to live without opposable thumbs.

You might have #rheum if...your fingers are shaped like bowling pins.

You might have #rheum wake up slightly suspicious that your otherwise docile spouse may have beat you in your sleep!

You might have #rheum if…you have more heating pads than remote controls. --Amanda

You might have #rheum if…you watch the Wizard of Oz only to see the Tin Man get oil to move.  --Trey

You might have #rheum can’t get the lid off of your medication, which is supposed to help your hands so you can do things like get the lid off your medication…

You might have #rheum've seriously considered sawing, gnawing, biting, or otherwise severing various limbs and appendages from your body.

You might have #rheum if...your dreams of becoming a world famous hand model were destroyed overnight by the sudden appearance of unsightly "nodules".

You might have #rheum if..."doing shots" is not affiliated with alcohol, but rather pricking yourself with a needle.

You might have #rheum takes you a minute to realize that the ad on TV for Old Navy "flares" is an ad for blue jeans.

You might have #rheum if...your car doesn't start...because your hand can't turn the key!

You might have #rheum often end up muttering to yourself: Grr. Arg.  Then again, you might just be a Joss Whedon fan!

You might have #rheum're under 70 and are tempted to buy pants with an elastic waist.

You might have #rheum choose your outfit for the day based on the color of the ring that's stuck on your finger because it fit yesterday, but not today.

You might have #rheum're kind of excited about your bronchitis because it means you get extra prednisone! --bamacmac

Analogies (get creative in explaining what RA is like!)

My body is the Matrix, and I have to send Neo (Enbrel) in to kill off all the Agent Smiths (RA) – from Tom

I always say that RA is like a civil war within my own body: Immune System vs. Body – only my body’s simply playing defense against the immune system attacks, and all I can do at the moment is provide a shield (Enbrel).

My son said on some days I walk (shuffle) like C3PO! –Thrive with RA

What did one #rheum patient say to the other?
- “Good to see you.  You were sorely missed.” –Russell
- "Boy, this disease can be a real pain in the neck!"                                       

An RA patient walks into a bar...and the bartender says, “waddle ya have?” –Russell

The RA patient was having foot flares.  It seems that “time wounds all heels”.  –Russell

#rheum is like a box of never know what you're going to get! (What kind of #rheum chocolates did you get today?  Light, fluffy nougat? Sticky caramel? No-so-pleasant mystery filling?)

True RA Christmas Facts: Did you know that gingerbread men are really just stick figures on prednisone? --RA Guy

Alternate explanations for #rheum (I often jokingly rationalize what my RA is doing by pretending the symptoms are from something else or from personifying my disease)

My husband told me tonight that my thumb doesn’t hurt from RA.  It’s just sore because we’ve been thumb wrestling in our sleep!  (I must be winning…or at least putting up a good fight!)

I think a fat ghost just sat on my thumb because it just decided to hurt like hell (via @treywafer)

I prefer to believe it's some bad Voodoo- someone out there has definitely got a doll of me! (via @unguidedmissile)

I have a rejected fairy from 'Peter Pan'; instead of never growing old, it turns you into a hag (via @SpoonieChic)

Books That Were Never Written (made up story titles combined with made up author names that make a pun)

The Stabbing by N. Brell

Can’t Bend my Fingers by Sue Welling

Nothing to Gain by R.A.

Learning Ambidextrosity by Ness Sessity

Kneading Dough by Bear Lee Abel

Pranks & Funny Stories

Did anyone else get "Gold Shots" back in the day? Yes it was real gold!! When I first started getting them my Dr asked if I had any side-effects..I said let me bring in a stool sample...sooo I got a box..sprayed painted some of my dogs "poop" GOLD and stuck it in the box....showed I'm and said.." this normal?" (Like I say humor has gotten me thru the last 43 years with RA)  --Stephen

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**Also, be sure to check out RA Warriors collection of blog posts in her "Can We Laugh Now?" category for information mixed with humor!**

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