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Summer in the Great Lakes State

Summer is upon us.  As I type, the time has just rolled to the first day of summer, the day of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.  Although not my favorite season, if we’re judging just on the beauty and essence of it (that would be Spring or Fall), Summertime in Michigan in phenomenal.  Why?  It marks the only three months out of the year that we can usually actually tolerate to swim in our Great Lakes.  One of my favorite things about Michigan is that is nearly surrounded by fresh water – the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world.  If you haven’t ever seen the Great Lakes, they look like oceans, they are so vast.  Only, one doesn’t have to worry about sharks, jelly fish or any number of ominous sea creatures in the Great Lakes.   

Nothing feels quite so refreshing as a dip in Lake Michigan late in the summer.  The lakes are cold.  Really.  That is why even if we have warmer temperatures earlier in the year, you don’t see a lot of people actually swimming (55 degree water is not warm enough for me!).  I’m partial to Lake Michigan because that’s where I’ve spent most of my beach time.  Plus, from what I can tell, the Michigan side of Lake Michigan boasts the best beaches found along the Great Lakes’ shorelines.  And nothing can compare with the beauty of a Lake Michigan sunset.

We spent some time around Lake Superior last year – actually circled it on motorcycles—and I must admit, it’s a beauty, too.  The rocky shoreline may not be as ideal for beaching it; however, you can’t help but be in awe of the splendor of this the biggest of the Great Lakes.  We’ll become more intimate with Lake Superior later this summer, too, as we will be spending a week on Isle Royale – an island and national park located in the northwestern part of the lake.

So, I welcome summer and the opportunity to explore our beautiful state, to spend time outdoors, to stargaze, to go to the beach, to hike, to camp, to boat, and to enjoy all of the activities that are best done while the weather is warm and sunny.  We’re taking full advantage this year.  Let the summertime festivities begin!

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