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Broccoli Pasta

This is probably the most basic meal that I make.  The very simplest version of Broccoli Pasta is actually Tom’s invention, and it’s how he got me to start eating broccoli!  There are multiple ways to spice this up and make it interesting, but if you’re really in a time crunch, try this super easy recipe:

Cook desired amount of spaghetti according to package directions.  Cut broccoli into small florets; add to pasta pot for the last few minutes of cooking.  Drain.  Add butter, salt and pepper to pasta and mix.

That’s it!  It’s very simple, but still makes a tasty light meal.  You can add some extra flavor to that dish by just adding some Mrs. Dash, a couple squirts of lemon juice, or grated Parmesan Cheese.  You can also add chicken, if you so desire.  Use egg noodles instead of regular spaghetti, if you want.  I do a chicken-broccoli-pasta version where I season the chicken with paprika and toss some lemon juice in with the pasta.  It would also be great served with some Easy Garlic Bread.

Next time you think you don’t have time to cook – think again!

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